The best artists of the French art scene

Ready Art concept

The best artists of the French art scene

Ready Art shows the best artists from the French scene and makes buying and selling artworks easier, through our connecting platform.

Ready Art's vocation is to promote the French art scene (artists born, living or having a strong bond to France) and to represent it internationally.

Ready Art allows you to :

Discover and buy exclusive artworks of our artists

Discover and buy collectors' artworks you would not be able to buy elsewhere

Simply sell artworks of your collection at a lower cost
(art scene of excellence)

Ready Art connects sellers and buyers who make then their deal together
(See the general terms and conditions)

For any connection, you just need to contact us : ou +33 (0)1 47 43 15 78


Contact us

téléphone By phone : +33 (0)1 47 43 15 78

Who are Ready Art's founders ?

Tristan Vyskoc
Albane Rouvière

We have always been passionated by art. Used to work in financial area, we are business owners, business angels and contemporary art collectors, and we decided to create Ready Art to connect people sharing our passion.

We wanted to make buying and selling artworks easier, by allowing collectors, artists and art professionals to connect and to make deals together.