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Arnaud Rochard

Arnaud Rochard

Arnaud Rochard was born in Saint Nazaire (France) in 1986. He lives and works in Brussels (Belgium).
Graduated from the EESAB Quimper (France) in 2010, his work is exhibited in Germany, Belgium and France.

“Already in my first year at the École supérieure d’art de Quimper, I became fascinated by the art of engraving,” says the Breton-born artist, who first spent one year in Brussels as an Erasmus exchange student, before he got lost permanently in the multi-layered cultural playground where, among other things, he helped the enticing art platform Le Kabinet to surface from the underground. “Partly because of the artisanal, tactile work with wood and metal. But also because of the fact that you work in different stages : drawing, making a matrix, inking, printing, etc. Even once you have mastered all of these techniques, there are still moments when unexpected variations occur. Trying to think through and elicit these accidental sparks is one of the most exciting things about this work.”

From July, 1 2017 to August, 31 2017 / Les gueules cassées / 223 rue Jean-Jaurès - 29000 Brest
2016 / Who’s afraid of wild ? , Exposition collective, Galerie Sabine Detais / Paris, France
2016 / L’esprit Singulier, Exposition collective, La halle saint Pierre, collection de l’abbaye d’Auberive / Paris, France
2015 / Le Kabinet du dessin, Exposition collective, Le Kabinet / Bruxelles, Belgium
2015 / Chasing Posada : A Macabre Populist in the city, Group Show, Spudnik Press / Chicago, USA
2015 / Solstice, Atelier d'Estienne, Exposition personnelle dans le cadre de l'Art Chemin Faisant / Pont Scorff, France
2014 / Chasing Posada : A Macabre Populist in the city, Group Show, Signal-Return Printshop / Detroit, USA
2014 / L'echo ce qui sépare, Exposition collective, Frac Pays de Loire / Carquefou, France
2013 / Lord of the flies, Exposition personnelle, Galerie Maïa Muller / Paris, France