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Marie Lepetit

Marie Lepetit

Marie Lepetit lives and works in Paris.

Marie Lepetit’s drawings, paintings and installations attempt representations of the rich and mysterious complexity of the living world. With compass, setsquare and multi-dimensional rulers, the artist painstakingly plans field of points that trace a network of overlapping arcs and straight lines. These dispersions of dots float within the space of a sheet or a roll of paper, amidst a book, upon a wall or across a canvas. Their constellatory structures subsume both surface and space, flickering in and out of view above layers of colour. The greater body of works reveals a colour scheme focused upon black, white, grey, yellow, orange, blue and pink. The articulations of points, lines, light and colours conjure evocations of cartography in forms as potentially scientific as they are poetic and philosophical. The interpretive possibilities are many; redolence abounds with topography, astronomy, biology, and geology, even oceanography. Earth, sky and sea convene at the centres of these enigmatic maps. These instinctual cartographies redeem polarities as the scientific rubs shoulders with the spiritual. The concrete reclaims the abstract, and the abstract captures the concrete.

Marie Lepetit invests her marks with a physical, even performative energy. On thick sheets of paper she deploys an unbroken series of repeated gestures -  dotting, piercing, drawing, rotating, sprinkling, rubbing – improvising a kind of choreography directly upon the wall or floor. Covering over the perforated drawings with charcoal powder, she generates stencils for successive layers of work. Thus she elaborates the blueprints of her compositions, before developing new textures in acrylic paint, more charcoal powder, and pastel. Redolent of natural processes, the materiality of her work evolves in time with the unyieldingly repeated motions. Marie Lepetit plumbs the “depths of the sky” of Edouard Glissant’s poem. In the applications and reapplications of her experimentation, she uncovers new territories, gestures, and sensations of the plastic and the physical realms the traces of which remain encoded in her enigmatic maps.
Julie Crenn

2017 / Atlas of the heavens, Exposition personnelle, ESAD / Amiens, France
2017 / Du compas à l’équerre, Exposition collective, Frac Picardie. / France
2017 / Atlas of the Heavens II, Exposition collective / Tokyo, Japon
2016 / L’éclipse, Exposition personnelle, Galerie Briobox / Paris, France
2016 / Lignées, Exposition collective, musée Eugène Carrière / Gournay sur Marne, France
2016 / True/mirror, Exposition collective, Espace Comines / Paris, France
2016 / Spiral hall, Exposition collective / Tokyo, Japon
2014 / Centre Max Juclier, Exposition personnelle / Villeneuve La Garenne, France
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Du Mont Wilson

Marie Lepetit

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Mont Wilson

Marie Lepetit

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