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Alexandra Roussopoulos

Alexandra Roussopoulos

Alexandra Roussopoulos was born in Paris in 1969, and is of Swiss and Greek descent. Through painting, she explores the relationship among shape, color and space, and questions the physical and mental spaces she lives in. Her work has always emphasized the importance of artistic dialogue and the connection with others. She regularly collaborates in art projects and has participated to numerous artist residencies in Slovenia, Croatia, Algeria, Greece, Ireland, Spain and China. Each of these experiences has had a great impact on her artistic practice. The spatial displacement is always an occasion to rejuvenate her vision of her past and future.

Alexandra has participated in the activities of the APDV art center in Paris, which brings artistic action to the heart of government subsidized housing areas. She has organized and curated several exhibitions, Water and Dreams at the Kamchatka gallery in 2007, Mauvais Genre in collaboration with Isabel Duperray at a Moroccan gallery in St Nazaire in 2009 and Young Memories in episodique Gallery in Paris in 2015/2016.

Alexandra has exhibited in Switzerland (at Art and History Museum of Neuchâtel, Louis Moret Foundation and the Manoir in Martigny, davel 14 in Cully, Villa Bernasconi in Grand-Lancy, Ferme Asile in Sion, and LAC in Vevey), in France (at L’Art dans les Chapelles, la Cité Radieuse de Le Corbusier in Marseille, the apartment/studio of Le Corbusier in Paris, Marie-Victoire Poliakoff gallery in Paris, and the gallery Scrawitch/Julien BEZILLE in Paris), in China (at Pifo Gallery and the Art Gallery Lelege in Beijing, Shanghai Yard Art Gallery, and National Wetland Museum in Hangzhou), in New-York (Zurcher Gallery) and London ( The Baldwin Gallery).

Alexandra studied in England (Camberwell School of Arts) and Paris (École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts). She was awarded the visual arts prize of the René Liechti Foundation in Switzerland in 2010 and the "November in Vitry" painting prize in 2002.

She regularly participates in workshops in France and abroad (in France, at La Hear, Mulhouse and ESBA Le Mans and in China, the Academy of Fine Arts of China and the University of Fine Arts in Hangzhou).

Her work is present in a diversity of public collection such as the MAC VAL Museum (Vitry Sur Seine, France), in the Valais Cantonal Museums Contemporary Art Collection of the State of Valais, Switzerland and in the Lancy Art Collection of Contemporary Art, Switzerland.

From March, 17 2017 to April, 16 2017 / Abstract Art 10, exposition collective, Galerie Pifo / Beijing, China
From March, 10 2017 to May, 28 2017 / Peindre, dit-elle - Musée des Beaux-Arts de Dole / Dole, France
2016 / Early as snow, invitée par Éric Baeur / 33 rue de Grenelle, Paris, France
2016 / Hand to hand, avec Judith Espinas / Galerie Pixi-Marie-Victoire Poliakoff, Paris, France
2016 / Salon Zurcher, Galerie Zurcher / New-York, USA
2016 / Nissi 16, résidence d’artistes / île de Spetses, Grèce