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Grand Colombier

Claire Chauvel

800 €

Year : 2015

Artists generation : Born in the 80's

Category : Painting

Method : Oil on canvas

Size : 33 cm x 46 cm

This oil on canvas was exhibited at the Maison des Arts Contemporain in Pérouges in the summer of 2016. It represents a view of a mountain called the Grand Colombier, located in France next to the artist's studio, and culminating at an altitude of 1534 meters.

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Claire Chauvel

Claire Chauvel

Claire Chauvel was born in 1986. She lives and works inthe east of France.

« […] The difficulty in seizing the image for good and the mistery of nature nourish Claire Chauvel's pictorial quest. The search for a rythm enables to eventually establish a connexion with nature, at the point where thoughts vanish. The artist is searching for something like a fundamental beat, approached with a touch that is rarely serene and a relentless effort to strip the landscape from whatever hides it. But the quest is infinite: a blind spot always remains, which requires the territorialization to go on, on the inside as well as on the outside. » Anne Malherbe

2017 / Le vent souffle où il veut, Galerie Françoise Besson / Lyon, France
2016 / Invasions barbares, Maison des Arts Contemporains / Pérouges, France
2016 / Arbres et rochers, Maison des Arts Plastiques Rhône-Alpes Auvergne / Lyon, France
2015 / Immersion, Centre d’Art Contemporain de Lacoux / Hauteville, France
2014 / 36 Mountains, Greta Gallery / Zagreb, Croatie
2013 / Return, Residence à La Saline / Hallein, Autriche
2013 / Escape the landscape, Galerie DOGPIG / Taïwan
2013 / La réplique des images, 1er prix jeunes créateurs, Centre d’art Les Passerelles / Pontault- Combault, France
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